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Colchester Planners Want Input On Plans For Transforming Malletts Bay

Town of Colchester
These drawings, from a planning commission poster, show a vision for the future of the Malletts Bay area.

Planners in Colchester have had their eye on Malletts Bay for two decades. Discussions over the years have yielded a set of priorities, and the planning commission has incorporated those priorities into new draft zoning regulations for the area.

Now planners want to hear from community members about the proposed zoning changes. To that end, the planning commission is hosting a meeting on Tuesday, April 19.

A poster about the meeting explains, "Colchester has long envisioned transforming the West Lakeshore Drive neighborhood into a recreation and tourism oriented village center on Mallets Bay, but the lack of infrastructure has stymied those plans for decades. With efforts to address infrastructure needs moving forward, the town has been updating the zoning and development standards for the Malletts Bay village area."

A meeting announcement from Colchester Director of Planning & Zoning Sarah Hadd adds,"The Planning Commission is inviting everyone who lives, works and recreates on the Bay to join in a community conversation about the proposed zoning changes that are intended to encourage certain types of land uses in the Bay and ensure that future development is done in an environmentally responsible way."

The priorities incorporated into the zoning changes include:

  • Improved water quality
  • Improved recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities for all ages
  • Welcoming, small- scale, yet vibrant infill and redevelopment
  • A safe and efficient transportation system for all users
  • A four-season destination for both residents and tourists

"The Planning Commission and staff have heard these priorities and responded by initiating renewed efforts to research and plan numerous transportation and other improvements for the area," the meeting announcement states.
The April 19 meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the Kirker Room at the Colchester Police Station.

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