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Middlebury Grad Leads Google's Venture Capital Wing

Middlebury College, courtesy
Google Ventures Founder and CEO Bill Maris, a graduate of Middlebury College, recently traveled from Silicon Valley to Vermont to speak at his alma mater.

Bill Maris is the founder and CEO of GV. It's a venture capital firm backed by Google with more than $2 billion in its investment portfolio.

GV is actually the second business Maris has started. The first, Burlee.com, was one of the first web hosting companies in the country. He founded it in the late '90s in Burlington.

Recently, Maris traveled from Silicon Valley to speak at Middlebury College, talking to students and faculty about entrepreneurship, innovation, and Vermont. VPR's Jane Lindholm met up with him just before his talk and asked him what thoughts arose walking the familiar paths of his alma mater.