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Grafton Select Board Chairman Resigns After Threat

Tensions in Grafton over a proposed industrial wind project are high. And the chairman of the select board said Monday he would resign after what he says was an anonymous threat.

Gus Plummer said he received a threatening note before Monday's meeting. The note, according to the Chester Telegraph, says Plummer should "stop smoking pot." The note said it should be considered a "first warning," according to Plummer.

"I could be at home and someone could show up when I'm out playing with my kids, or when I'm over at the ball field with kids," Plummer said before walking out of the meeting. "It's an extremely heavy heart that I have with this, but I put a lot of thought in it, and believe it or not, a lot of tears too, because it really upset me."

The proposed development on land in Grafton and Windham would be Vermont's largest wind project.

The select board Monday talked about hiring a lawyer, and whether the town should accept escrow money from Iberdrola to pay for its legal fees. 

Grafton is also trying to decide if second home-owners should have a vote on the wind project.

The board met for more than three hours but failed to make any decisions on the wind issues.

Correction 5:00 p.m. May 17, 2016. The headline and wording of the story was changed to reflect the content of the threatening note received by Plummer. VPR will have more on this story later. 

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