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Springfield To Hold Second Annual 'Steampunk Festival' This Weekend

"Steampunk" combines the style of the Victorian era with the futuristic ideas of writers like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. Beginning on Friday, Springfield will be hosting its second annual Steampunk Festival.

Sabrina Smith, the festival's organizer, spoke to Vermont Edition Wednesday about steampunk and particularly the upcoming festivities in Springfield.

Smith says Springfield's industrial history makes the town a good match for this kind of festival. She also spoke about the Hartness House Inn in Springfield, which is where the festival will take place.

"Last year when people came in, they were like, 'This is the perfect place to have a steampunk festival,' because you feel like you're going back in time when you walk into the Hartness House," Smith says.

A few of the festival highlights that Smith mentioned are a fashion show, various workshops and "Splendid Teapot Racing," which she describes involves cars with teapots affixed to the top that race through obstacles. Smith also discussed some of the costumes people might be seen wearing at the event.

The Springfield Vermont Steampunk Festival runs Friday, Sept. 23 through Sunday, Sept. 25.

Listen to the full interview above.

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