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VPR Debates: Post Your Questions For The Candidates

We want to include your questions in our debates ahead of the November general election. What do you want to ask candidates?

From Tuesday Oct. 25 through Thursday Nov. 3, VPR will host debates for statewide offices – and we want to include your questions in each forum.

What issues matter to you? What topics do you want the candidates to address? What information will help you make your decision about whom to vote for in this election?

  • Scroll down to find out how to submit your questions.

Most of our live debates will air during Vermont Edition. The debate schedule is as follows:

Attorney General: Tuesday, Oct. 25 at noon

  • Deb Bucknam (R)
  • TJ Donovan (D)

State Treasurer: Wednesday, Oct. 26 at noon

  • Beth Pearce (D/R)
  • Don Schramm (P)

Auditor of Accounts: Thursday, Oct. 27 at noon

  • Dan Feliciano (R)
  • Doug Hoffer (D/P)

Lieutenant Governor: Tuesday, Nov. 1 at noon

  • Randy Brock (R)
  • David Zuckerman (P/D)

U.S. Senator: Wednesday, Nov. 2 at noon

  • Patrick Leahy (D)
  • Scott Milne (R)

Governor: Thursday, Nov. 3 at 7 p.m.

  • Bill Lee (LU)
  • Sue Minter (D)
  • Phil Scott (R)

Here are two ways to submit your questions for our debates:

1. Record your question on your smartphone's voice memo app and send it to vermontedition@vpr.net.


2. Submit your question using the form below: