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Status Of McAllister Case Remains Unclear, After Report Of Plea Deal Being Withdrawn

Taylor Dobbs
Former Franklin County State Senator Norm McAllister, seen here during his first trial in June, unexpectedly struck a plea deal with prosecutors Wednesday related to a second case brought against him.

The second trial of former Franklin County state senator Norm McAllister came to an unexpected halt Wednesday when McAllister struck a plea deal with prosecutors. McAllister is charged with soliciting sex acts from a woman in exchange for rent.

A jury had already been picked and the trial was expected to begin Wednesday morning, when McAllister unexpectedly struck the deal.

Seven Days reporter Molly Walsh, who was in the courtroom in Saint Albans late Tuesday, spoke with VPR about the latest developments in the case.

Listen to Walsh's full interview with VPR's Alex Keefe above.

Late Wednesday, NBC5 television reported that McAllister is now reconsidering this plea deal. Neither VPR nor Seven Days have been able to independently confirm that report. The Franklin County state's attorney told the media that, as of Wednesday afternoon, paperwork had not been filed to withdraw the plea.

In June 2016, the state dismissed two counts of sexual assault against McAllister after issues arose with testimony the accuser gave under oath. McAllister was arrested outside the Statehouse in May 2015, on charges of sexual assault, prohibited acts and human trafficking.

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