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Vermont Delegation Will Attend Trump Inauguration

All three members of Vermont's Congressional delegation say they plan to attend the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump on Friday. More than 55 Democratic members of Congress have announced that they plan to boycott the event.

In a written statement, senator Patrick Leahy said: "Once this controversial presidency begins, we cannot be AWOL. We must be present, and we must be prepared to debate and fight on behalf of the American people."

Congressman Peter Welch says he understands that many Vermonters want him to boycott the inauguration but says he feels a sense of duty to be there.

"But we also have over a 200 year tradition of something that is quite extraordinary in human history and that is the democratic, peaceful transition of power,” said Welch. “So that for me is a reason why I believe I should be there in my job - do my job." 

A spokesman for Senator Bernie Sanders' office confirmed that he would attend the inauguration but declined to give an answer why.

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