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In St. Johnsbury, Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Picket The Wrong Bank

Something happened at Union Bank a couple weeks ago that hasn’t happened in the three decades president David Silverman has been with the bank. Protesters were demonstrating outside the Portland Street branch in St. Johnsbury.

"And they had some signs up. And they were signing and had a drum," Silverman explains. "There were only three of them."

Silverman said bank personnel went out and talked to the protesters to try and find out why they were holding an anti-pipeline demonstration.

"So, they said, 'Well, you guys are owned by Mitsubishi, right?' And we said, 'Well, no. We’re headquartered in Morrisville, Vermont and we’re a Vermont and New Hampshire bank.' And they were kind of like, 'Are you sure?'"

Mitsubishi is one of 17 banks financing the Dakota Access Pipeline. Another is Bank of America.

Silverman said the protesters politely left, but first asked for directions to a Bank of America branch.

They had to be told there are none in Vermont.

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