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After Damaging Fire In White River Junction, Officials Discuss Remediation

As of Monday morning, the cause of a massive fire in White River Junction last week is undetermined due to extensive damage.

No one was hurt, but the fire did destroy three buildings and damaged one other.

Five businesses – plus some other equipment – were impacted.

Lori Hirshfield is the director of the department of planning and development services in the town of Hartford.

She says the town has been meeting with the State Department of Labor and property owners to make plans for remediation.

“They would like to be able to rebuild,” she told VPR on Monday. “They're going to come into our office this week, or next week, and we'll have a little bit more detailed conversation about what they're interested in doing and if there are any particular restrictions on that site.”

Thirty-five employees have been affected by the fire damages. But the businesses have since relocated to temporary spaces and no one has been laid off.