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Sen. Bernie Sanders' Role In National Politics

Sen. Bernie Sanders experienced a meteoric rise to national prominence during the 2016 presidential campaign. He may not have won the Democratic primary, but Sanders certainly has won some concessions from Democrats, and even a leadership position in the party – despite the fact that he's not officially a Democrat.

But what has Sanders' increased visibility on the national scene meant for his constituents in Vermont? On March 16 and 17,  Sanders has a packed trip planned through the state, stopping for visits at various locations around Vermont and holding two general town hall meetings. His presence at these kinds of events in Vermont has become rarer since his run for president, but do Vermonters mind?

Thursday's Vermont Edition looked at the role Sanders plays in national politics and what that means for Vermonters. Guests included:

  • Gabriel Debenedetti, national political reporter with Politico
  • Scott Detrow, NPR congressional reporter
  • Dave Gram, longtime former Vermont AP reporter

Listen to the conversation from Vermont Edition above.