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Republican Governors Of Vt. And Mass. Call On Feds To Honor Paris Agreement

Gov. Phil Scott and Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker are calling on the federal government to continue its efforts to address climate change.

In a letter addressed to Energy Secretary Rick Perry, the two Republican governors said climate change is causing extreme weather which is making life harder for their constituents.

The letter says: "These impacts threaten the people of our states and put an intense burden on our economies."

The letter doesn't have specific demands, but calls for "continued national leadership" from the federal government so that the U.S. can meet its goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and slowing climate change.

The letter details the impact of climate change to the residents, infrastructure and economies of Vermont and Massachusetts.

The two governors say their states have had success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions while building stronger economies,

In a news release, Gov. Scott’s office reaffirmed his commitment to combating climate change. Scott has “remained committed to Vermont’s renewable energy goals of attaining 90 percent of its energy from renewables by 2050," the release said. "To encourage Vermonters’ investment in efficiency products, his fiscal year 2018 budget proposed a tax holiday for hybrid and electric vehicles and other energy efficient products.”