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Dartmouth College Recognized For Efforts To Prevent Campus Sexual Assault

Sam Gale Rosen
In June, Dartmouth College received the Campus Prevention Network's 2017 Prevention Excellence Award in recognition of its efforts to prevent campus sexual assault.

Dartmouth College is being recognized for its success at preventing campus sexual assault.

Earlier this summer, Dartmouth College received the Campus Prevention Network’s 2017 Prevention Excellence Award. Dartmouth is one of five schools to receive the recognition, including American University, Juniata College, State University of New York at Buffalo and Vanderbilt University.

For the past few years, Dartmouth has been implementing a number of programs, including partnering with community advocates and researching best policy practices to prevent and report sexual assault.

Caitlin Barthelmes, the Director of the Student Wellness Center at Dartmouth College, hopes that Dartmouth can serve as a model for other campus sexual assault prevent initiatives as well.

“We really think sharing our process and progress with other schools more campuses may be empowered to utilize best practices, tailor it to their individual campuses,” she said. “Together we can hopefully prevent sexual violence across the country.”

The University of Vermont was also recognized at this year's Campus Prevention Network Summit for its work to reduce high risk drinking.

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