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After Complaints, Burlington Tests Water At Several Locations But No Sign of Contamination

The city of Burlington is testing the water in several locations where residents have reported foul smelling and tasting tap water.

Officials at the city's Department of Public Works said Thursday night so far none of the water they've tested has shown any contamination. The received complaints about water quality in 10 places around the city.

“Based on the information we have right now there does not appear to be any cause for concern regarding the safety of the water,” said Megan Moir, Division Head of Water Resources at DPW.

Moir said there can be fluctuation in taste and odor in the water system.

“We'll be continuing to look into what the cause of those have been. There have been no changes at the plant, we haven’t changed chemicals. We haven't done anything differently,” she said.

According to Moir, the locations were residents had concerns about their water in places around the city and not localized around one area.

Moir said if people have any concerns about their water, they should contact DPW.

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