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After Days Without Power, Time To Toss Frozen Foods

If you're still in the dark after this week's wind storm, it's probably time to empty the freezer, according to Dr. Mark Levine, Vermont's health commissioner.

Levine says if your freezer is full and you keep it closed throughout a power outage, food is usually okay for up to 48 hours. For partially empty freezers, the time frame is closer to 24 hours.

"By now, obviously any food that's been left in the freezer should be thrown away, because everyone would have exceeded the 48 hours," Levine says.

Levine adds that residents should also check on medications, such as insulin, that need to be refrigerated.

"There's unfortunately no rule of thumb that you can use. It really is medication specific," Levine says. "Check with your pharmacist to get proper guidance on the proper storage of the medication."

Levine encourages Vermonters to call 211 if they need shelter or other services due to the extended power outages.

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