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Jack Sawyer Released On Bail

Jack Sawyer sits in Rutland criminal court on Wednesday, April 25.
Robert Layman
Rutland Herald / Pool
Jack Sawyer was released Friday on bail. His bail was reduced from $100,000 to $10,000 on Wednesday.

Jack Sawyer was released from prison on bail Friday morning. Sawyer is the 18-year old accused of plotting to attack Fair Haven Union High School.

Sawyer’s attorney Kelly Green confirmed the release in an email. She said Sawyer would receive treatment while his case is litigated.

“On behalf of Jack, we are asking the community to be supportive of his lovely family and to give him privacy to recover and return to good health,” Kelly wrote in an email to VPR.

Earlier this week, a judge in Rutland reduced Sawyer’s bail from $100,000 to $10,000. The bail hearing came after prosecutors dropped the four most serious charges against Sawyer.

Now, Sawyer faces two misdemeanor charges: criminal threatening and carrying a dangerous weapon. Those two charges carry a maximum prison sentence of three years.

Sawyer’s release on bail includes a number of strict conditions including that he receive an assessment by a mental health professional within 72 hours of release, that he stay away from Fair Haven Union High School and that he remain under the watch of his father, David Sawyer.

In a statement issued following Sawyer’s release, Gov. Phil Scott said he was “extremely concerned and frustrated that our current laws have allowed for the release of an individual who – as the Court record shows – intended, and may still intend, to carry out a horrific crime.”

Scott said in the release that his office, the Department of Public Safety and state police would take steps to ensure the safety of Fair Haven Union High School and the community.

Vermont State Police wrote in a statement it would increase its presence at schools in Fair Haven and work to make sure Sawyer follows the conditions of his release.

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