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Dr. Lorraine Sterritt On Being The First Female President Of Saint Michael's College

Dr. Lorraine Sterritt at the VPR studios
Bayla Metzger / VPR
Dr. Lorraine Sterritt is the first female president of Saint Michael's College.

As of July, Saint Michael's College in Colchester has a new president: Dr. Lorraine Sterritt. She is the first woman to serve in that position in the school's history. 

"I think it's really important that women be represented in leadership roles," Sterritt told VPR. "I do believe that both men and women make great leaders. That said, it’s very important that our students, our female students, see women in the top roles. Not just in education but across the board in professions and in organizations.”

Listen to the VPR interview with Sterritt above.

According to Sterritt, Saint Michael's College has about 1,650 undergraduate students and approximately 250 graduate and international students. She said around 50 percent of the student body is Catholic.

Sterritt, who is the college's 17th president, also spoke with VPR about the rising costs of higher education, campus sexual assault and the role of faith on the college campus.

Previously Sterritt was president of Salem Academy and College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and also served as dean for administration at Harvard College. She's also held positions at the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University.

Disclosure: Saint Michael's College is a VPR underwriter.

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