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VPR Reporter Debrief: Police Report Details Events Leading Up To UVM Student's Death

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Meg Malone
VPR File
VPR's Liam Elder-Connors has been covering the February death of a UVM student, and he spoke to VPR's Mary Engisch about the case.

In early February, a first-year student at the University of Vermont died after passing out in a snowbank. Connor Gage attended two frat parties the night of his death. He died of hypothermia and acute alcohol intoxication.

UVM quickly suspended all fraternity activity and started an investigation, which is still ongoing at this time. Burlington Police recently closed their examination into Gage’s death, ruling it an accident and not charging the fraternities with any crimes.

VPR reporter Liam Elder-Connors has been following this story, and he talked to VPR's Mary Engisch about the recently released police report.

Read/listen to Liam Elder-Connors' full story here: Police Report Details Events Leading To UVM Student's Death In February [April 30]

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