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Not So Fast: Vermont Legislature Delays Adjournment For 2019, Back At It Next Week

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Vermont lawmakers had been hoping to adjourn this weekend, but House Speaker Mitzi Johnson said they will be back next week.

Vermont lawmakers have been putting in long hours at the Statehouse this week, trying to wrap up work on a number of complex policy bills. While the Legislature had been hoping to adjourn this weekend, House Speaker Mitzi Johnson said they're going to have to come back for at least a couple days next week.

VPR reporter Peter Hirschfeld has been following the action in Montpelier. Listen above to his conversation with All Things Considered host Henry Epp about the latest legislative timeline.

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Two issues that have been particularly tough for lawmakers to solve over the course of this year's session are the $15 minimum wage, and paid family and medical leave

Another major fiscal issue lawmakers have to resolve in the coming days is finding a revenue source for water quality efforts.

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