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Vt. Episcopal Church's Next Bishop Will Be A Woman Of Color

Maurice L. Harris
The Episcopal Church in Vermont
Shannon MacVean-Brown, bishop-elect of the Episcopal Church in Vermont

The Episcopal Church in Vermont has elected its next bishop. 

Shannon MacVean-Brown is the first African American to be elected bishop of the Episcopal Church in Vermont. She will be one of three African American women to hold that title in New England's seven Episcopal diocese.

MacVean-Brown needed 31 votes from the clergy order and 58 votes from the lay order at the church's Special Election Convention, held in Burlington Saturday. She won a majority from both orders by a margin of about 10 votes.

MacVean-Brown and her family will move to Vermont from Indiana, where she is a rector.

Current bishop Reverand Thomas Ely will retire in October, after 18 years in that role.

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