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VPR Reporter Debrief: Sen. Bernie Sanders Voices Defense Of 'Democratic Socialism'

Bernie Sanders speaking at a podium, pointing toward the crowd with an American flag behind him
Andrew Harnik
Associatd Press
Sen. Bernie Sanders gave a speech Wednesday at George Washington University on the topic of "democratic socialism." VPR's Bob Kinzel describes Sanders' views regarding the political philosophy.

On Wednesday, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders gave a speech defending the political philosophy he calls "democratic socialism." The speech comes as Republicans, including President Donald Trump, and some moderate Democrats attempt to use "socialism" as an attack on more liberal Democrats like Sanders.

VPR's Bob Kinzel has been covering Sanders' presidential run, and he spoke to VPR's All Things Considered host Henry Epp about the views that Sanders and some other 2020 candidates have about democratic socialism.

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