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VPR Reporter Debrief: The Moratorium On State Funding For School Construction

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Meg Malone
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VPR's Howard Weiss-Tisman talks to Henry Epp about a moratorium put on state spending for school construction more than a decade ago.

Back in 2007, Vermont put a moratorium on state spending for school construction. Although it was supposed to be temporary, the state hasn't put public dollars into school projects for more than a decade.

A bill introduced to the Vermont Legislature this year would have begun investing in school buildings again, but it didn't get out of committee. As new districts form under Act 46, some say Vermont needs to consider how declining enrollments and possible school closures figure into the decisions to invest in school buildings.

VPR's Howard Weiss-Tisman has been covering this issue and spoke about it with VPR All Things Considered host Henry Epp.

Read/listen for more: Vermont Doesn't Give Money For School Construction, But Infrastructure Needs Persist [June 17]

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