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Green Mountain College To Auction Artwork (And More) To Help Pay Campus Upkeep Costs

The exterior of a building at Green Mountain College.
Nina Keck
Green Mountain College, in Poultney, closed earlier this year. Now more than 400 items are being auctioned on campus to help pay for its upkeep.

No one has bought Green Mountain College yet — so to help pay for campus upkeep, some of the artwork, books and furniture the college collected over the years is being auctioned this week.

"Things of value which, frankly, are used to pay the heat for what's going on," explained Tom Bailey, one of Green Mountain College's trustees. "We need to keep the place mowed and painted and plowed. And that's what the money's for."

Williston-based Duane Merrill and Company is running the sale, which includes more than 400 items. Live bidding begins Friday morning on the Poultney campus. 

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Ahead of the live bidding, items up for auction can be viewed online now or in person Thursday. Bailey said nothing that will impact the mission of the college will be sold, like desks or dressers; rather this is all icing on the cake. For example: pianos.

"A Steinway baby grand, there's a Yamaha baby grand," Bailey said. "Those surprised me when I saw them."

There's also an early 19th-century grandfather clock in the collection, and Bailey highlighted the selection of rugs up for auction.

"They're just extraordinary," Bailey said. "Some of them are what they call palace-sized — and palace size is bigger than my house."

Green Mountain College announced in January that it would close in May. The campus is still for sale.

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