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Reporter Debrief: What Companies Are Funding UVM's New Leahy Scholarship?

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Elodie Reed
VPR file
A new scholarship fund set up at UVM honoring Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy, pictured here at a press conference in August, has received more than $3 million in donations. "Seven Days" took a look at what companies are funding this new scholarship.

There's a new scholarship fund at the University of Vermont honoring Sen. Patrick Leahy and his wife, Marcelle Leahy, but the corporations and foundations that have donated to the scholarship may have motives other than simply supporting higher education.

Many of these companies, including Boeing and Microsoft, have interests before Congress — and Sen. Leahy holds senior positions on several key committees.

Paul Heintz of Seven Days reported recently on the major donors to the UVM Leahy scholarship. His article quotes several campaign finance reform advocates who say these companies are "currying favor" with Leahy, although a spokesperson for Leahy said he was not aware of any of the companies lobbying Leahy's office in the past year.

Paul Heintz spoke with VPR's Henry Epp about his reporting; hear their conversation above.

More from Seven Days — "Corporate Interests Donate Big Bucks to Leahy Scholarship Fund at UVM" [Nov. 6]

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