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Community Report: College-Age Voters Passionate Ahead Of Super Tuesday

A cake in Mendon that says thank you for voting in blue icing.
Nina Keck
VPR File
Do young people care about local Town Meeting Day issues? VPR's Mary Engisch speaks to "The Campus" editor Harriet Garner LeFavour about Middlebury College students' political participation.

Do hyper-local, Town Meeting Day issues resonate with younger and first-time Vermont voters? Or are they more interested in the Super Tuesday presidential primary races?

Harriet Garner LeFavour is a local editor for The Campus, Middlebury College's student-run newspaper. She spoke with VPR's Mary Engisch about the political atmosphere on campus and shared her reporting on the uptick in student participation in local ballot measures.

Read Garner LeFavour's voting guide story here.

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