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A Collection Of Vermont Neighbors Making Noise Together

A Facebook page screenshot of a poster for the Bang-n-Clang parade.
City of Vergennes Recreation Department
The City of Vergennes Recreation Department has been hosting nightly "Bang-n-Clang" parades, during which neighbors make noise and wave to Mayor Jeff Fritz.

Following the example of Italy, and Dallas, and many more communities, Vermonters across the state are organizing nightly noise-making sessions — and some of them are on video for the rest of us to see (and hear!).

Have a video of you and your neighbors making noise together? Make sure everyone's okay with being filmed, and then email it to share@vpr.net. We may add it here. Otherwise, scroll down to watch, and enjoy!

Vergennes Clang-n-Bang parade

In Vergennes Mayor Jeff Fritz presides over the daily "Bang-n-Clang" parade through the city. He took this video on Wednesday, April 1:

Brattleboro bell-ringers

The group Downtown Brattleboro has put together a bell ringing session each night to show the community "we are here and we care." Brattleboro resident Dawn Grobe provided this video of herself and her husband, Tony, from Wednesday, March 25:


Burlington pot-bangers

In Burlington's Five Sisters Neighborhood, resident Wendy Hess asked her neighbors on Front Porch Forum to make noise for the "unsung heros heloing keep our communities going." VPR recorded Catherine Street residents as they broke out their finest cooking ware on Tuesday, March 24:


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