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Audio Postcard: Vermont Luthier Live-Builds Violin To Aid Struggling Musicians

A screenshot of a Facebook live video of someone in an apron looking over the pieces of a violin.
Facebook Screenshot
Central Vermont luthier Jacob Brillhart builds a violin via livestream to raise money for musicians.

Musicians have begun thinking outside the box for ways to raise and share essential funds during the COVID-19 pandemic. One such group is Seven Stars Arts in Action, which is working with central Vermont luthier Jacob Brillhart to build and then raffle off a hand-made violin. 

Brillhart said he is accustomed to taking months, not weeks, to carve and sculpt a violin from a solid, European wooden block into a reverberant instrument, cradled between the musician's collar bone and chin. Now, however, he and bow-makers Eben Bodach-Turner and Evan Orman are volunteering to work long hours, and to livestream the entire process, before raffling off the $10,000 instrument.

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