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What Did Vermonters Make Of The Insurrection At The Capitol? Here's What You Said

A woman in a team trump had in the middle of a crowd of people inside the capitol building
John Minchillo
Associated Press
Violent extremists, loyal to President Donald Trump, stormed the Capitol on Wed., Jan. 6, in Washington, D.C. We asked Vermonters what they make of the insurrection.

Yesterday, scenes of chaos from the U.S. Capitol gripped the nation and the world. Public officials from both parties are grappling with what comes next.

In talking with your friends and families and coworkers, we wanted to know: How are you doing? What are you feeling and thinking? Many of you shared you perspective. Here are some of those voices:

“So the question is, how am I processing the pro-Trump extremists’ invasion of the Capitol building yesterday?And, you know, the truth is: I don't really know. I don't know if I'm processing yet. You know, some of the first thoughts that are coming to my mind are how we’re still, in 2021, incredibly unable to disagree with one another in a healthy, constructive way.”

- Dawn Holtz, Barnett

“I watched the news unfolding. As people were storming into the Capitol, I think it really hit me; the magnitude of it. In the moments where I’ve see the images of people in the U.S. Capitol, seeing representatives being evacuated … And then, you know, just, like, seeing a guy in in some sort of buffalo-fascist-cosplay on the dais like … It just it seems very surreal.”

- Davis McGraw, Windsor

“It feels like I'm in a fever dream of chaos. The commander-in-chief of the United States incited an insurrection and lit the match for violence at the Capitol. Our elected officials must deploy the safeguards afforded to us by the Constitution, with the utmost urgency.”

- Ellie Reid, South Hero

“Upon watching what occurred yesterday in the nation's capital, it occurred to me that President Trump is no longer fit for office and should be removed using the 25th Amendment as soon as possible, for the health and well-being of our nation. “

- Eric, Addison County

“This message is directed directly at our representatives in the United States Congress: Leahy, Sanders, Welch – Get back to Washington. Demand that there are impeachment proceedings. If you let this slide, just because there's only two weeks left in Trump's term, you have done an unmeasurable disservice to your oath to the Constitution, to your constituents, and to the American people. Get back to Washington and do your jobs and do it today.”

- Jennifer Moore, Burlington

“I was incredibly dismayed by the insurrection on the Capitol yesterday. But the one thing that I found as a bright spot out of the whole thing, was you could turn on the three major news networks – CNN, MSNBC and Fox – and if you didn't know the names of the presenters on the different platforms, you really couldn't tell which one [it was]. I didn't think there was as much of a partisan lens yesterday. Everyone was pretty unified in condemning the actions. And that is one thing that I found particularly heartening to take away from yesterday.”

- Dan Brown, Burlington

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