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How To Support Vermonters Of Color: An Illustrated Guide

A diverse group of people stands together, smiling.
Emulsify Art for VPR
Brave Little State teamed up with illustrator Emulsify to synthesize a recent episode into a shareable, seven-step guide.

How can a state that is 94% white do better? Brave Little State presents an illustrated guide, featuring insights from Vermonters of color.

Back in August of 2020, our people-powered journalism show took on this question, from listener Teo Spencer of Panton: "How can the state, both its government and its people, support Vermonters of color?"

You can access a transcript of the episode here. Now, we've teamed up with Brooklyn-based illustrator Emulsify to synthesize the episode's takeaways into a shareable, illustrated seven-step guide.

A cover image that says 'A People-Powered Guide To Supporting Vermonters Of Color' on the background of a landscape with a body of water and fall mountain side.
Credit Emulsify Art for VPR
The quote 'I really wish white Vermonters would stop pretending there's no racism in Vermont.' Image depicts instances of racism: a house with a Confederate flag outside and a white person touching a Black person's hair.
Credit Emulsify Art for VPR

Image contains quote from Nial Rele: 'Honest listening means not being defensive, but critically thinking about systems because we're talking about systemic issues that need systemic solutions.' Illustration of two people sitting on a porch talking.
Credit Emulsify Art for VPR

Quote by Xusana Davis: 'Learning is continual. It cannot happen all at once.' Illustration shows a teacher writing 'decolonize education' on a blackboard.
Credit Emulsify Art for VPR

Quote by Wenyu Xie: 'Most people tend to go with the easy trail, by choosing friends that are similar to them. In Vermont, that means white.' Image depicts a racially diverse group kayaking together.
Credit Emulsify Art for VPR

Quote from Travon Groves, 'Especially if you're white, you need to be having those uncomfortable conversations with your family and friends.'
Credit Emulsify Art for VPR
Quote by Ash Diggs: 'Be intentional about supporting...Black and minority-owned businesses in Vermont.' Image depicts a business grand opening event and the Black business owner is greeting new customers outside.
Credit Emulsify Art for VPR

Quote from Mayumi Cornell: 'We can't do and be everything to everybody. But in our life, there are places where we can make a change.' Image depicts a diverse group of friends smiling together.
Credit Emulsify Art for VPR

Closing image with instructions to learn more and listen at bravelittlestate.org. Reported by Brave Little State. Illustrated by Emulsify.
Credit Emulsify Art for VPR

Want to learn more? Listen to the full episode here.

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